A New Pair Of Shoes

I have a new pair of shoes!


They’re very soft and warm and the calico print goes well with everything I wear.

Kitty:  ” I am not amused.”

Me:  “Oh c’mon. Lighten up. You have to admit it’s kinda funny.”

Kitty:  “I’m not admitting anything. I will say however, that your fashion sense is even worse than your humor. Calico does NOT go with everything.”

Me:  “Someone needs a nap.”

Kitty:  “Geez woman, I already sleep 23 and 3/4 hours per day.”

Me:  “Well then, a time-out is in order I think.”

Kitty:  “I agree – A time-out away from you would be a good thing.”

Me:  “My, what Grumpy Shoes.”