Barn Kitties

I’ve not posted about our barn cats in a while, so I took some pics the other day to share:

Here’s Eva.


She has a hitler mustache, but because she’s a she, I call her Eva- short for Eva Braun. She’s been here about 7 years, which is pretty amazing for a barn cat.

Of course, where Eva is, Tom can’t be far behind:


Tom showed up about 4 years ago with a damaged front leg that ultimately healed with the bones fused. (He was wild so there was no taking him to the vet) He uses it as a sort of peg leg and gets around quite well. Actually, his disablility is a lifesaver for him. Tomcats usually roam far and wide in search of the ladies, which exposes them to being killed on the road or by coyotes. They don’t usually live but a couple years in our area. But Tom stays close to home and is quite happy with Eva and the rest of the ladies up at barn, his little harem.

Tom and Eva are inseparable.


They do everything together: hunting, sleeping, eating – I’ve never seen 2 cats who are closer.





The rest of the barn cats are wild and very shy.

There’s a calico female. She’s a kitten of Eva’s I think and is about 2 years old:


There’s also a yellow and white female who comes out at night, so we don’t see much of her.

And there’s this longer-haired female with a crooked tail.


She has kittens now and when I took her pic she had just grabbed a meat scrap to take to them. The barn cats get all the meat scraps from our table. They also get dry catfood every day.


The only one of these cats I’ve ever petted is Tom. The rest of them usually run away when we approach. I was only able to get these pics because it was feeding time.