Kitty In The Morning Sun

Over the weekend, we had below zero temps and wind chills of 27 below zero. Bitterly bitterly cold. So cold that when the wind hits your face it’s physically painful.   Oh,  and it snowed. Our little newborn calf lay against a large haybale out of the wind and waited it out. Harland checked the cattle every few hours, day and night. Calving in this bitter cold is brutal on a newborn. They can freeze to death in just an hour without human help.

Sunday afternoon, Harland caught a nap under an electric blanket. Of course, Kitty joined him.

IMG_20140302_092021786_HDR (1)

Kitty’s a big proponent of naps.

Yesterday the sun came out and the snow began to melt. After work I watched as Harland gave the heifers their evening grain. They ran up the hill to the trough with the little calf running, hopping and dancing along, tail high in the air. The sheer joy of warmer temps.

Yesterday morning as the sun peeked above the pasture, and peered into our windows, Kitty hopped upon the linen dresser in the bathroom to bask in a sliver of new sun.






*Yawn*  “The sun is getting warmer so spring must be near.”


“Gosh, I sure hope so, Kitty.”