Kitty’s Visit To The Vet

It’s Kitty’s favorite time of the year again:  Her annual visit to the veterinarian!

“No really, I feel fine, we can go back home now.”

Kitty always presses her nose against the carrier as we drive down the road. I try to console her, but she continues to squish her nose until it turns pink.

When we got to the vet’s office, I placed her carrier on the table and opened the door. She refused to come out, so I reach in to pull her out. She grabbed for the doorway of the carrier like a kid on his first day of school.

Dr. John asked me to put her on the scale. She weighed in at 9 pounds. Dr. John consulted her chart.

“She’s gained a pound. We shouldn’t let that continue.”  Oh dear, I thought. But Kitty does so love her tidbits of meat and nightcap of milk. Well, we’ll just have to cut back.

I put Kitty back on the metal examination table where Dr. John got a firm grip on her and proceeded to examine her eyes,

throat and glands,

and tummy.

“No, really, I feel fine. Can we go home now??”

Two years ago, Kitty gave Dr. John a nasty cut on his finger which bled rather badly so he’s not taking any chances this time. He makes sure to hold onto Kitty firmly, but gently.

But Kitty behaves herself this time. She never moves or makes a peep as she gets her shots.

Shot #1:



I was soooo proud of her. All done and no bloodletting this time.

She gratefully got back into her carrier for the trip home. Once there, I opened the door to let her out and she moved so fast all I caught was a blur.

I’m so happy that Kitty got a good check-up and her annual shots.

But I was especially pleased that she was such a good girl.


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