Vintage Linens

Over the weekend, Harland and I did some antiquing at the Poehler Antique Mall in Emporia Kansas. Located in an 100+ year old building, it’s 13,000 square feet of antique shopping bliss. I got sidetracked in one vendor’s booth overflowing with vintage quilts and embroidered linens. After looking through pile after pile and agonizing that I couldn’t buy it all, I came away with 2 round tablecloths – one with a 3 inch crocheted edge

and the other with a white embroidered design of daisies and wheat.

I also got a dresser scarf with embroidered baskets of flowers on each end.

Lastly, I got two pillowcases with embroidered floral designs on the edges.

(Yes, Kitty,you’re right – these are for sleeping. )

These will be used for the guest bedroom.  And, AND, for all this what did I pay, I ask you dear reader?

$100 bucks?

No, guess again.

$50 bucks?



Nah. Try less than $20 –  for ALL of it.

“WOW”, says Kitty.

And now, pass me my Queen of Antique Shopping Crown please.

I love getting a bargain. But what I love even more is owning a piece of history. I stare at the lovely hand-stitching, and wonder about the women who made these. I can picture a girl just learning to do embroidery. Or maybe a young mother sitting by her baby’s cradle crocheting by lamplight. Or maybe an older lady hands stiff from a life’s work of labor but still able to create a field of daisies and wheat with needle and thread.

I’ll always treasure these, and remember the women who made them.


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