Every morning Harland takes a some food out to the barn for the barn cats.

Every morning he gives Kitty and Muffin a few tidbits of the barn cat’s food.

Every morning Kitty uses the litter box right afterwards.

And every morning Muffin lays in wait outside the litter box:

Poor Kitty. She can’t even use the bathroom in peace anymore.


I took Muffin to the vet this morning to have his boy surgery. I’ll pick him up after work. They told me this that he would sleep the rest of today and probably most of tonight. Poor little guy. We were told not to feed him after midnight last night, and this morning he was quite upset when he didn’t get his breakfast. Then I added insult to injury by putting him into the pet carrier. Kitty left the room and headed to the far reaches of the house. She knows pet carriers don’t equal happy times of a cat’s life. When I left him off at the vet’s, he was crying pitifully.

Oh dear. It’s going to be a long day.