Kitty and the Meaning Of Life

Me:  Hey Kitty, you promised you would tell me what the meaning of life is today.

Kitty: Ok, but I have to eat supper now. Have to keep up my strength for all the work you make me do around here.

Me:  Alright. We’ll just wait until you’re ready to reveal to the world what the meaning of life is. We’ve waited this long, we can wait a little longer.

Kitty:  Mmmmm…..purr purr….crunch crunch crunch….

Me:   Kitty?

Kitty:   Purr purr….crunch crunch crunchity crunch

Me:  Kitty??

Kitty:  Are you still here? Come back tomorrow. I’ll let you know what the meaning of life is then.

Me:  Oh really Kitty! You don’t know, do you?

Kitty:  How do you know I don’t know?  After all,  you don’t know and so who are you to judge what I don’t know and when I don’t know it?

Me:   ??????   Kitty, you’re the limit, but we love you anyway.

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