Kitty In Bed

Our bed is one of Kitty’s favorite places to sleep.

“Ok, trying to sleep here….can I have some quiet?”

We take every opportunity to keep her awake because she sleeps all day, and then wakes us up at night.

“No, seriously, I don’t want to play.”

If you stick your hand under the covers and wiggle your fingers, she thinks it’s a mouse.

“Whoa, is something under there?”

“OH CRAP, there is something under there! Don’t worry, I’ll get it!”

Another good game is to sneak up on her.

“Who’s there?!”

“Is somebody there?”

“Hold up. I gotta take a break and do some cleaning.”

HA!  Mission accomplished. Kitty’s fully awake now. Maybe she’ll sleep tonight instead of keeping us awake with her shenanigans.


——-> UP NEXT: Homemade Apple Pie with pie crust from scratch.


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