Kitty On The Hunt

Kitty is never ever allowed onto the kitchen counters or table.

So she waits until we are in bed to do unauthorized exploring. Grrrr… ┬áBAD Kitty!

Anyway, the other evening as I was eating supper, and Harland was out in the field, Kitty hopped upon the counter, intently listening to something inside the wall.


No doubt it’s probably a mouse. Ours is an old house, and so this happens from time to time, providing hours of free entertainment for Kitty.

Our recent cold snap is probably the reason for the mouse’s invasion. Last week we had shirtsleeve weather, but this week our temperatures plummeted down about 20 degrees below normal.

We don’t usually see morning temps like this until January:


And now they’re calling for snow tomorrow. I can’t remember the last time I shoveled snow in November.

But back to Kitty: I didn’t tell her to get off the kitchen counter while she was on the hunt. If the mouse does manage to make it into the house, I want her to dispatch it, and so I don’t want discourage her hunting.

If the mouse decides to come to our side of the wall, he doesn’t stand a chance: