Another Visit To The Vet

Yes. Another visit. For the last few days, one of Kitty’s eyes has been kinda runny and a little swollen in the inside corner.

Then yesterday, there was a nasty looking discharge. So I made an appointment, and took her in this morning.

By the way, I’ve figured out why Kitty likes Harland better than me.

“Hey Harland, would you like to take Kitty to the vet this time?”

“Uh, no. I’ve got, uhh,  some things I need to get done around here.”

“Hmmm….Yeah. Right.”

So at 10am this morning, BIG BAD SUZANNE took comfortable content Kitty off the warm drier

and stuck her into the pet carrier for her trip to the vet.

Remember how pleased I was on that visit to the vet about a year ago?  Well, I was not so pleased this time.

Our visit started badly, and then got worse.

When I carried her into the front door, there was a couple who where dropping off their dog, a sheltie,  to leave there for a week. Our vet boards pets too. Kitty took one look at the dog and started making very unpleasant noises at it. The dog ignored Kitty. The dog’s owners were telling the staff about how much food their dog gets every day, and how often, and they brought special food, and a special blankie…. and this was all taking place just inside the door so I had nowhere to take Kitty where she couldn’t see the dog. Finally, one of the staff came over and stood between the dog and Kitty, blocking Kitty’s view. Finally the dog’s owners left, the dog was taken into the next room, and it was our turn to see the vet.

Dr. Calvin is a kindly middle aged man with a comforting voice. He took us back into the exam room where I sat Kitty’s carrier down onto the exam table.  I opened the carrier door, and then Dr. Calvin made a mistake –

He reached into the carrier to remove Kitty, a BIG no-no in her book.

“Ow! I didn’t think she’d bite me.”

I could have crawled under the table with embarrassment. I apologized.  This is not the first time Kitty has done this to a vet and I should have seen it coming and prevented it.

I tipped Kitty’s carrier up on end and she slid out onto the table. Exposed with nowhere to hide, Kitty’s defensive resolve evaporated. While the nurse had a firm grip on Kitty, Dr. Calvin carefully examined both eyes, inside her mouth, and finally decided she had a little conjunctivitis. He left to get some medicine while I held Kitty close to me trying to comfort her. At one point I put Kitty down on the table because she looked like she wanted to explore a little which usually calms her down, getting more familiar with her surroundings. The nurse reached out to pet Kitty and as I started to say, “I wouldn’t do that – ” Kitty let loose with a nasty loud HISSSS” towards the nurse.

More apologies from me, and I picked Kitty up again and held her close determined she wasn’t going to be nasty to anyone else. Then Dr. Calvin came back into the room and Kitty let loose with another loud “HISSSSSSS” in his direction. Dr. Calvin’s eyebrows went up and he smiled.

“Boy, she really doesn’t like me does she?”

More embarrassment for me, and more apologies.

He had brought back a little bottle of eyedrops and explained that we needed to give her a drop in her eye each day for 5 days. I was ready to grab the bottle and run for the door at this point, but then Dr. Calvin said he was going to put a drop in her eye right now.

“Oh great,” I thought. “More opportunity for Kitty to commit a bloodletting.” But when I put her on the table, he gripped her head firmly and put one drop into her eye without incident. Relieved, I put Kitty back into her carrier and went back out to the front desk again to pay the bill. I apologized some more and assured the secretary and nurse that Kitty was really a very nice cat and her demeanor was much improved over what it had been when we first got her. I blathered on and on, and they smiled politely and said it was ok. But I just know as I left they marked Kitty down as the nastiest meanest cat they’d seen all week, maybe all month, or year.   Oh dear.

When I got her home and let her out of her carrier,

she was the very model of a loving friendly cat.

She purred. She swiped our ankles. She was overjoyed to be in our company, and couldn’t express adequately  just how much she loved us.


I should know better by now…..

I know she was scared, and felt justified in “defending” herself.

She has accepted us and enjoys our company. The rest of the world? Not so much.

But we love her anyway.