Putting Up The Tree

Today I put up our Christmas tree. I usually wait until the week before Christmas and then take it down after the Epiphany in early January.  There are 12 days between Christmas and the Epiphany, hence the “Twelve Days of Christmas”. I bought this tree when I was in my late 20s. I had moved out into my first apartment just a few months earlier, and money was tight, so I waited until the after Christmas sales and bought this one for $35.  It’s one of those where you have to assemble it branch by branch.

First I put the trunk into the base, and then the tree top goes into the trunk.

Looking great don’t you think? I don’t think so either. But it gets better. I put the branches in from the bottom up. Here’s the first row,

(Shhhh….the tree assembly inspector is here.)

second row,




and sixth row.  Done.

The first year I had the tree, I assembled it only to discover that one of the rows was not included in the box. The manufacturer had thoughtfully included a card that I could fill out and mail to let them know what was missing from my tree. Hey people, if you have to include a card in the box, you need to work a little harder at including ALL the parts of each tree in each box. DUH. 

Of course, I didn’t get the missing row until after Christmas, so that first year my tree looked like this:

Anyway, once the tree is complete, it’s time for the lights.

Oh wait, the tree assembly inspector is back and has something to say. 

“Hey, Female Human, this is great!  I can hide under here and jump out at you when you pass by.”

Thanks Kitty, I SOOO look forward to that.  Anyway, back to the lights.

And then I put on the bead garland.

Never been much of a tinsel girl, so this is the only bling this tree is getting.

As I was lapping the tree draping the garland thoughtfully here and there, I was suddenly stopped in my tracks. The tree assembly inspector had lost her head and was chasing the garland around the tree finally catching it in her mouth.

I pulled it out of her jaws and then finished draping the tree with it much to the chagrin of the tree assembly inspector.

Next, it’s time for the ornaments.  From a 50 year old angel ornament, a gift from my mom,  to pinecones collected from the local cemetery, it’s an eclectic collection.  

Come on back tomorrow to see all of them.


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