The Progress So Far

Here’s a recent pic of Muffin relaxing in Kitty’s favorite sleeping spot, the office chair:

Muffin sticking his tongue out.

Muffin sticking his tongue out.

Below is the progress so far of Kitty getting to know Muffin:  I’m sorry folks, but I didn’t take any pics or video of the first meetings because I was thinking the worst might happen – Muffin would get hurt -and I didn’t want to document that. I also wanted to give my full attention at each meeting and be ready to intervene quickly should something go wrong. But progress has been made since those first meetings and last night I did finally get a short video clip.

First Meeting, Friday, December 5: After a week of Kitty getting used to Muffin’s odor about the house, but not actually meeting him, (we brought him in from the garage several times a day to play in the house while Kitty was locked up in the office or bedroom) we brought them face to face for the first time last Friday. Afraid of how Kitty would react to him and wanting him protected, I put him in a pet carrier and set him on the floor across the room from Kitty. At first she didn’t notice, but when he started moving and making noises, her eyes grew wide and she stalked very slowly across the room for a close look. She stared at him intently and then hissed. A big long drawn out hissss. Muffin stared at her. Then she growled and stalked slowly around the carrier, sniffing, growling and hissing. This went on for a few minutes until Muffin decided he’d had enough of the demonic calico creature and would like to leave the carrier to run around and play, and so he began shaking the carrier door with his paws. This scared Kitty and she trotted out of  the room…..   End of First Meeting.

Second and Third Meetings, Friday and Saturday, Dec 5th and 6th:   See First Meeting above, except Kitty calmed down a little, less hissing and growling,  and she even touched noses with Muffin.

Fourth Meeting:  Sunday, December 7:  Kitty was sitting in her office chair. I brought Muffin in for a visit, took him out of his carrier and carried him into the office. Kitty stared in disbelief. I cautiously brought him closer and closer to Kitty. She sniffed and licked Muffin a little bit, but also growled and hissed at him. Kind of a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde thing. I put Muffin down onto the floor near Kitty’s chair. He began to play with his toys and run in and out of the room. Kitty never took her eyes off him.

Fifth and Sixth Meetings: Sunday, December 7:  Same as Fouth meeting above. Kitty never leaves the comfort zone of her chair even when Muffin leaves the room. She waits and listens for him to return and watches him, fascinated, as he plays and frisks about.

Seventh Meeting, Monday, December 8:  I bring Muffin in again and hold him up to Kitty, who is again in her office chair. She doesn’t hiss or growl at him, but sniffs intently, then for the first time she turns her head to the side and reaches her paw up over his head, a Kitty invitation to play. Muffin responds by swinging his paws at her in return. Then I put him on the floor where he begins to play with his toys. For the first time, Kitty stands up in her chair to get a better look at Muffin playing. Muffin notices and runs at the chair. Kitty, taken by surprise, backs further into her chair. Muffin then runs out of the office and into the bedroom. For the first time, Kitty jumps off the chair and runs after Muffin. I run to catch up, heart in my throat afraid of what will happen. I hear hissing and come around the corner just in time to witness the two of them face to face. Muffin is all fur on end and is standing sideways on his tiptoes, looking as big as he can while he faces down Kitty. She backs down and runs into the kitchen. Muffin follows. Kitty sits down in the kitchen doorway to watch Muffin run back and forth as he continues to play. He runs up to Kitty several times and the result is the same each time: (Make sure to have your speakers turned up so you can hear Kitty)

It may not appear promising, but we’ve come a long way so far. Kitty is not as tense around Muffin and isn’t looking at him like a prey animal she’d like to kill, ie, she’s figured out he’s a cat like her. Kitty’s a little slow about recognizing her own kind, always has been. And Muffin has learned that for now, he needs to be cautious around Kitty and give her respect as the dominant cat of the house.

I so hope that things will continue to progress along and eventually these two will get to be good friends. Muffin is a tough little booger, and Kitty is young enough to still enjoy playing, so we’ll see.

Will keep you up to date with pics and video.