Snowy Odds and Ends

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A few snowy images to share today:

Footprint of a passing fox

Snow collected on blades of grass

snow collected on blades of grass

a family group of trumpeter swans on a lake

 Despite appearances, spring is just around the corner.

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Some sad news:  Our cows are due to start calving in 3 weeks, and Harland has been busy preparing for all the new arrivals. But one of the cows decided not to wait and had her calf earlier this week. Being 3 weeks premature it was weak and small. Not having the strength to stand up and nurse from the cow, Harland fed it morning and night. It was having trouble keeping warm, so Harland put it in a calf warmer (box with heater). But yesterday morning when he went to give it the morning feeding, he found it had died in the night.

It’s a hard thing to lose a calf. There’s the financial impact of course, but it’s also just plain hard to lose a young life. We review the calf’s care and problems. Did we do enough? Should we have done something different?

Last evening I was watching the cows, among them the calf’s mother. She looked at us plaintively, and kept mooing loudly, calling to her calf. She’ll continue to do so for several days.  Sad.