Snowy Odds and Ends

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A few snowy images to share today:

Footprint of a passing fox

Snow collected on blades of grass

snow collected on blades of grass

a family group of trumpeter swans on a lake

 Despite appearances, spring is just around the corner.

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Some sad news:  Our cows are due to start calving in 3 weeks, and Harland has been busy preparing for all the new arrivals. But one of the cows decided not to wait and had her calf earlier this week. Being 3 weeks premature it was weak and small. Not having the strength to stand up and nurse from the cow, Harland fed it morning and night. It was having trouble keeping warm, so Harland put it in a calf warmer (box with heater). But yesterday morning when he went to give it the morning feeding, he found it had died in the night.

It’s a hard thing to lose a calf. There’s the financial impact of course, but it’s also just plain hard to lose a young life. We review the calf’s care and problems. Did we do enough? Should we have done something different?

Last evening I was watching the cows, among them the calf’s mother. She looked at us plaintively, and kept mooing loudly, calling to her calf. She’ll continue to do so for several days.  Sad.



13 comments to Snowy Odds and Ends

  • Chester's Mom

    It is so sad to lose a calf and the poor cow doesn’t understand. Farm life can be hard. Was the momma a heifer?

  • Doe in Mi

    Oh that is so sad. I feel for all of you, expecially the Momma. I just can’t stand seeing a dead animal.

  • Sue, a Florida Farm Girl

    Sorry you lost the baby. Hate when that happens.

  • Tina

    That is so sad, for the Momma and Harland. Poor baby.

  • I am so sad for your loss. It shows how kind and compassionate you are to worry so about the momma cow and the care Harland took to try and save the calf. You did the best you could, I am sure.

    I love your snow pictures, they are amazing. Especially the swans.

    I hope your weekend brings you some much deserved peace and happiness.

  • Those snow pictures are pretty…snow is a scarcity this winter!
    Sorry that you lost the little one…that’s hard! We had a calf freshen 6 weeks early with twins a while back, and only one survived. They are just so tiny when they’re early.

  • Louise S

    Sorry to hear about the calf. It’s so hard to watch the momma suffer through her loss. There’s really no way to comfort them, which always made me feel worse.

    On a lighter note, I’m going to make your Swiss Braided Bread recipe again today. I made it a couple weeks ago, and it was so easy to do and was delicious. Today I’m making a loaf to give to my wonderful neighbors who are always so kind to me.

    • Suzanne

      Thanks Louise, about the calf. Mama cow was still looking for her calf today.

      I love making bread, and even more so to make and give away. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling?

  • Oh Suzanne, poor little sad. The even sadder part is the mamma cow mooing for her baby…that would be really, really hard to take. I would just want to hug her.
    By the way, your snowy photos are beautiful!! I love the ones on the field of…maybe it’s the corn stalks..not sure..but so beautiful!

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