Under The Weather

UPDATE: 8:30am Wednesday – 

Kitty ate some food this morning. Her fever is down some as her ears aren’t hot to the touch like they were last night. She’s still not grooming which is really strange since she usually grooms all day long. She seems kinda stiff – maybe joint pain from her fever? She was in her office chair this morning and then switched to her windowsill. I put her red blanky there so she’ll be more comfortable. Her sinuses seem to be stopped up and she tries to drink water but keeps making this snorting sound like she can’t breathe through her nose and then she gives up trying to drink. So after Harland and I gave her her antibiotic this morning, which is administered orally with an eye-dropper, I gave her some water with it too. Maybe she’s got an upper respiratory infection? She’s been sneezing for the last week or so, not frequently, but enough to notice since she usually doesn’t sneeze at all. Harland’s going to call the vet to talk about her. Hopefully she’s on the mend.

Thank you for all your kind wishes and prayers. We (Kitty too!) appreciate them!



Tuesday evening:

Kitty’s not feeling so well.


“I feel like crap.”

“I know dear. I’m sorry.”

This morning, Kitty was not in bed with us like she normally is. We found her in the office curled up in a chair with 2 large piles of vomit on the floor nearby. Kitty never barfs, except in case of hairballs.

We hoped it was just something she ate, but as we busied ourselves getting ready for work, she remained in the chair, uninterested in our movements.

Not like her at all.

So Harland took her to the vet first thing, and later I went to visit her on my lunch hour. The vet had examined her but could find nothing wrong except a fever.


When I arrived, Kitty was sitting wide-eyed in her carrier listening to an animal in the examination room yowling in protest.  Oh dear, I’m sure Kitty thinks the vets office is nothing more than a place where small animals are tortured. The vet had prescribed an oral antibiotic. I paid the bill and took Kitty home. Harland and I gave her a dose of her antibiotic. Then she ravenously dug into her food bowl like she hadn’t eaten in a month. I raced out the door and headed back to work hoping Kitty was on the mend.


But when I got home this evening, she was sitting in the windowsil.

It’s about 9pm now, and she’s still there. She still has a fever.  She has no interest in eating food –


or her nightly treat of warm milk.  When I gave her a kitty treat, she didn’t eat it but instead slowly reached out and pushed it off onto the floor.



It’s a little game of hers to push small objects off tables and desks just to watch them fall, and it’s the only bit of playfulness I’ve seen in her today.

She hasn’t groomed herself all day and she looks rather disheveled.


If she doesn’t feel better by tomorrow morning, she’s headed back to the vet.

Poor Kitty. We’re worried about her. We want our bouncy happy mischievous Kitty back.

But more importantly we want her to feel better.