This is Kitty our housecat. Well, actually, she owns the house and my husband and I are merely tenants. Anyway, like any house pet, we indulge her by giving her little treats. So when I cook chicken, she gets a tidbit or two.  Just the sound of the opening of a can of tuna can bring her from anywhere in the house to the kitchen. So this is a common sight when I’m making dinner.

However, what she is begging for here is a little out of the ordinary. In fact, it’s downright strange. It’s not meat of any kind. Well, you’ll never guess, so here it is.

Tomato. She loves to eat tomato. When we get a knife out of the drawer, she comes running. She purrs and rubs my ankles and feet. She can barely reach the table, but she stretches up, grips the edge and gives me her most pathetic “I’m starving” look.

So we give her a couple of tidbits.

After all, as tenants here, who are we to deny the owner of the house?

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  • rebecca

    KITTY is the awesomest ever!!!! the “i’m starving” picture is HILARIOUS.

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  • Eliza

    Kitty is adorable (and a beauty too)!

  • I actually had a cat that loved tomatoes. We had just adopted her from the SPCA and I had bought a bushel of tomatoes to can. I kept finding a tomato on the floor with a bite out of it. Couldn’t imagine what was going on. Then caught her in the act.

    She was kind of paranoid and when we moved home to Oklahoma from Northern Indiana, I didn’t think she’d make the trip. So I gave her to a beloved friend, who told me she couldn’t get her to eat and was trying to tempt her with tuna, etc. I told Helen, “Open up a can of corn.” which CoCo also loved. Problem solved.

    She became a full-fledged member of Helen’s household after that.

    Got here via recommendation from Glenda (GLDNO), you have a really nice blog. Not sure what part of KS you’re in yet, as I haven’t read many of your posts yet, but I was born in Iola. Now live on the edge of Bartlesville, just 20 or so miles from the KS line. –Ilene

    • Suzanne

      He Ilene and Welcome!
      That’s too funny about your cat CoCo. Our kitty also likes peas. I live in northeast Kansas not too far from the NE border. I was in Bartlesville several years ago to see a ranch rodeo there.
      Take care,

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