Wild Sunflowers At Sunset

One evening this week while driving around, we found an entire field of wild sunflowers. Acres and acres of them. The plant is called Maximilian Sunflower, and they bloom in the fall. I wanted a good pic of the entire field, so I walked out into it only to find that all I could see were the ones right in front of me – the plants are about SEVEN FEET tall, and it was like standing in a group of people who are all a couple feet taller than me. I sulked and dragged myself back out of the field, and lost my lens cap in the process. But last night I went back out with a plan on how to get a shot of the entire field short of dragging a ladder out into it. I held the camera up over my head and clicked away blindly. Duh….why didn’t I think of that before?

I hung around for a while to take pics of them at sunset – the magic hour.

The Maximilian Sunflower is a native flower.

It produces a lot of seed, which is good for wildlife.

It can be found throughout Kansas, and the plant is nutritious for livestock.

Native Americans used it for food, oil, dye, and thread.

Pioneers planted them near their homes for mosquito control, and used the blossoms in their bathwater to ease arthritis pain.

I never did find my lost lens cap, but I did enjoy my time with the sunflowers.


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