Last Of The Sunflowers

It’s hard to believe,

that all this,

only lasts,

just a few short weeks.

Soon, they’ll nod their heads downward, heavy with seed, their sunny petals dried and faded.

So there’s an urgency to spend time with them before their season passes.

To see how the morning sun filters through their petals…

or how the morning dew rests upon them.

Monarch butterflies find sunflower fields an ideal place to rest for the night on their southward migration. In the morning, they await the first rays of sun.

They open their wings wide to gather warmth and dry off the dew.

Later they’ll feast on the sunflower nectar. Rested and fed, they’ll continue on their journey hoping to make 50 miles this day.

And I’ll leave the sunflower field behind, grateful for my time there.


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