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Some weeks ago I promised to show you how to make coasters out of ceramic tiles. Well, time got away from me and I never go to it, until this past weekend. So here goes: A friend of mine heard that I was looking for tiles to turn into coasters, and so she came to work the next day with a bunch of them. She said she bought them at a garage sale. They were perfect,exactly what I was looking for!  You can find tiles at any do-it-yourself home store. So to make coasters, you need felt, a pen, scissors, and hot glue gun.

**UPDATE:  Use only WHITE felt.  Cindy, one of my readers, commented that dye in felt is not stable, so it’s best to stick to white felt only. Thank you Cindy for bringing this to my attention. Red being my favorite color, I couldn’t resist, but I should have been more practical, and chosen white.

Using one of the tiles as a template, draw around it with a pen,

and then cut the felt out cutting an 1/8 inch inside your lines so that the felt squares are slightly smaller than your tiles.

Attach the felt to the tile using your glue gun. Hot glue dries really quickly so I glued a little bit of the tile at a time. Turn the tile over. Run glue along one edge of the tile and then quickly allign the felt square and press down onto glue.


Peel it back and apply glue to the next two edges and quickly press the felt down.


Peel back the remaining edge, apply glue and press down.

Use same method to glue the felt to your remaining tiles. Allow to dry, and you’re done.

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5 Responses

  1. Alica says:

    What a great idea…so simple and pretty!

  2. Cindy from CA says:

    I would be careful about using any color of felt except white. The color in felt is not stable and “runs” quite easily. If any of your drink gets spilled, you could end up with a nasty red stain on your table cloth or furniture!

  3. Lynda M O says:

    Yikes, Cindy, I hadn’t thought of that either and I am the Queen of Spilling among my partying friends. Thanks for the head’s up warning.

  4. Tina says:

    How about some of the peel & stick cork I have seen in the craft stores? It is very thin and comes in a roll?

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