And while I was trying to decide what to wear….

…kitty hopped into the drawer and made herself at home.

KITTY:  Oh Hey, this is a really nice place to take a nap!

ME:   No, it’s my dresser drawer, not a bed.

KITTY:  Why didn’t you tell me about this before? It’s perfect!

ME:  Because I didn’t want you lying on my clean clothes.

KITTY:  It’s all soft and warm…

ME:  Please get out.

KITTY:  And sheltered from the elements…

ME:  We don’t have any elements in the house. Now please get out.

KITTY:  I’m going to do all my napping in here from now on.

ME:  I’m going to close the drawer trapping you in there…so you’d better get out.

KITTY:  You seem kinda grumpy…maybe YOU need to take a nap. Here, I’ll move over, there’s room for both of us in here.

ME:  *Sigh*