Sleeping Position Number 4

I’m sidestepping the Messy Pretzel and moving on to the French Loaf:


Fresh from the bakery (albeit with fur) and all soft and warm.

Sometimes the loaf has a tail:


Kitty enjoys imitating a loaf of bread. See how she’s smiling?


Kitty:  ” I’m not smiling. Please leave me alone. Trying to sleep here!”


Maybe we should call her the Grumpy French Loaf.


4 comments to Sleeping Position Number 4

  • Pam

    Nothing better than kitty sleep positions, they all know how to do it very well! Mine loved crawling under the covers to insure I had enough furr to keep me warm. Did not matter that I could no longer move…one on one side, one on the other! 🙂

  • Lynda in Michigan

    You are sweet Miss Kitty. I miss my female cats. Both crossed the rainbow bridge in the last 6 months.

  • Jeanne

    I’m just sitting here smiling at Miss Kitty! She’s so beautiful!!

  • I’ve gone through all my files, and can’t find my Dixie in a French Loaf position. Except — I just looked over at the sofa, and there it is! Here feet are twitching, too. This may be a time when I can get a photo without disturbing her.

    This is such a fun series – thanks!

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