Donald and His New Mom

About two weeks ago, I last updated you on the progress of bonding Donald, an orphan calf, with a cow whose own calf had frozen to death at birth. After trying unsuccessfully for several days to get the cow to accept Donald, we had about given up. One evening after yet another day of making no progress, Harland and I were standing around outside the pen. In frustration we gave Mrs Cow two options:

1.  She accept Donald, be his mother, and live happily ever after in the pasture.


2.  She become hamburger, steaks and roasts.

Well! She must have been listening, because real progress was made after that. A couple days later she allowed Donald to nurse without being confined in the squeeze chute, she began cleaning him, and soon she was whispering “I Love You” in his ear. Or something like that. This all happened last week when I was in Missouri taking care of my Mom.

The first part of this video was taken before I left, and the rest was taken the day after I got back home a week later.

 So excited was Mrs. Cow about finally getting her freedom, that she forgot all about Donald and lost him in the herd. Then she spent the next half hour frantically calling and searching for him.  She finally found him, and all was well.

She had come a long way from that first day when she kicked little Donald, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Happy endings are a wonderful thing on the farm.


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