Me In My Underoos

Or skivvies. You know, unmentionables.

Over the weekend, I hauled my period 1861 underthings over to a friends house, (Hi Linda!) for help in fitting the bodice of my ballgown. While there, Linda kindly took some  pics of me.

I would never let you see me in today’s underthings, but I don’t mind when wearing my 1861 underthings. I mean, they wore more under their clothes than we wear in our total outfits today.

Here, I’m wearing my chemise, corset, bloomers, and petticoat.


And here I’ve added my hoop skirt and another petticoat.


BTW, I ordered all this online. Isn’t the internet wonderful??

Putting all this on takes at least 10 minutes, and that doesn’t include putting on the dress itself, which is still not finished (holy cow!).


I can see why wealthier women had ladies’ maids because it’s difficult to put all this on my by myself.


More to come when if I ever! I get the dress done.


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