Something’s Crawling Up There!

Ok, so it’s happened to all of us before. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you’re bound to have something crawl up your pants leg sooner or later.


A few weeks ago we were visiting Teter Rock, a big rock set up on edge by somebody to serve as a signpost to guide travelers on their way through the Flint Hills.

It’s on a high high hill overlooking thousands of acres of pastureland with few trees and even fewer people.

We had finished taking pictures of the wonderful view and were walking back to our truck when I felt something move in my pants leg around my knee. I scratched it and kept on walking.  It moved again. I stopped walking. Harland stared while I grabbed at whatever it might be through my jeans. It moved.  And it was coming up my thigh.

“Oh oh!  Something’s crawling up my leg!” I yelled.

Harland stopped to watch…amused as usual…

It moved higher.

Modesty takes a back seat when bugs are involved.  So there, out in the wide-open prairie for anyone to see (if anyone had been there besides us) I unbuckled my belt, and dropped my drawers.

“OH OH….GET IT OUT – GET IT OUT!” I hollered while I jumped around.

I frantically searched for what I was sure must be a large leggy insect.

Harland stood by watching…..amused…..

I found it finally…It looked like a walking stick all legs and long body!!

“OH OH OH!!!   GET IT OUT GET IT OUT!!!!!!!!!! ”  I yelled.

But then I looked at it more closely….it wasn’t moving.

In fact it wasn’t alive.

It was just a dry grass seedhead of some sort.   It wasn’t a bug at all…

“Oh, I’ve been tap-dancing around and yelling for nothing.”  I thought to myself. Not to mention dropping my drawers for everyone within a 20 mile radius.


So I pulled my pants back up and finished walking back to the truck. 


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