Field Corn & Winter Wheat Update-April 27

This evening I took a drive after work to see how the crops are doing.

But first, take a peek over the fence at the farm that lies on the property next door to the wheat field . Don’t know who lives there, but I thought it made a pretty picture this evening with the puffy clouds.

Anyway, back to our crops. The corn, planted about a week and a half ago, came up over the weekend.

It’s not “as high as an elephant’s eye” yet, more like a mouse’s eye.

But it will grow fast, and will be 8 feet tall by June.

The wheat is now halfway up to our knees.

Planted last fall, and dormant through the winter, it’s been growing like a weed since early spring.

In about 2 weeks, it will start putting up seed heads. 

If you like, you can see my earlier posts about the wheat and corn in the Crops category, and I’ll have regular updates through the summer and fall.

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