Daylilies In Bloom

All the daylilies in the flower bed near the front door started blooming in the last few days. Every morning on my way out the door to work, I’m greeted by their large cheery blooms. They open before sunrise, and close after sunset, hence the name Daylily.

This dark red one was a gift from my Mom out of her garden.

This pale yellow was a gift from a friend of mine, Glenda, out of her garden.

This orange was also a gift from Glenda.

As was this lemon yellow daylily, also a gift from Glenda. She has a beautiful daylily garden.

I bought this lovely peachy daylily several years ago, and when I moved from Missouri, I dug it up and brought it along.

Do you have daylilies in your garden?


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13 comments to Daylilies In Bloom

  • All of those daylilies are beautiful! I only have a basic yellow orange one. Not the tall “tiger lilies” I often see. I got it free from a garden club’s plant giveaway. I moved some this year to add them to another spot. Still waiting to see if they’ll bloom there.

    • Suzanne

      Hi Gardener,
      Aren’t daylilies great? So easy to grow, and so tolerant of moving and dividing.
      Happy Gardening, and thanks for the visit,

  • I do! I love the apricot one, I don’t have it!


  • I’m going to have to let my mom know about the peach ones. She loves daylilies. I’ve got some standard yellowy-orange ones out front that are cute, but not as lovely as these.

    I just wanted to say thanks for sharing all the pictures and the little historical blurbs. I followed your comment on Pioneer Woman over here and now I’ve bookmarked your blog.

    • Suzanne

      Hi Maegan,
      Thanks for stopping by- you are very welcome. I took a peek at your blog, and saw that you just sold your first story. Congrats! May this be the first of many.
      Thanks again,

  • Those are beautiful flowers! I’m working on my green thumb and hope to have beautiful flowers someday.

    • Suzanne

      Hi Provident Woman,
      I’m working on my green thumb too. Daylilies are very easy though, and come back year after year.
      Happy Gardening,

  • These are so beautiful! I especially love the peach one.

  • Vivian

    Your lilies are beautiful. In my garden I used to have the plain orange ones that you see everywhere. A coworker of mine who raised many unusual and many-colored daylilies, called the plain orange ones “outhouse lilies”. I think he was a lily snob. (tee hee)

    • Suzanne

      Hi Vivian,
      The plain orange ones are everywhere around here, but they are pretty all the same, and they don’t know they are common. :o)
      Thanks for visitin’

  • Thank you Suzanne. I look forward to learning more about Kansas.

  • All so wonderful Suzanne! Love them all. How nice to wake up to see all these bloom. I have seen the orange and yellow ones here at the highlands before. I know they are beautiful! Enjoy.

  • Terri Woodlee

    These are beautiful! Can you tell me if these daylilies are poisonous to dogs? I believe some are. We are looking at the dark red variety with the yellow center like in your main photo here. Thank you!

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