Potato Harvest

We had just enough rain last week to soften up the ground. So over the weekend, we dug up the potatoes. It was one of the best potato harvests we’ve had. But first, let’s take a look back to see how we got to this point.

We planted 2 varieties of potatoes, Red Pontiac and Kennebec, on April 1. You can see the post about the planting here.

By April 23, they had come up, and were a couple inches tall.

Potatoes - April 23

By June 16, they were about 18 inches tall. They are the bushy plants to the right of the onions.

Potatoes - June 16

Within the last month, the plants above ground have died back, indicating that the potatoes are ready to dig. Because we had  a drought though, the ground was too hard to dig the taters up. Last Friday, we had 3/4 inch of rain, which softened up the ground finally.

Using a potato fork, a garden tool that resembles a pitchfork, all you have to do is dig the potatoes up. (I say this lightly as I was not the one doing the digging. Mr. Man of the House took care of that job.)

We spread the potatoes out on a tarp on the garage floor to cure or dry for a few days.

No daylight or sun should reach them as that would green them up, and we wouldn’t be able to eat them then. Towards then end of the week, we’ll put them in the fridge in the basement, with the temp set for about 40 degrees. They will keep there for about 8 months. We’ll have all the potatoes we need until next spring.


——-> Tomorrow:  Wildflowers blooming in our pasture.


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