Kittens In The Barn

A while back I showed you a few of the barn cats, among them a female we called Black and White. A friend of mine said that she looked like Hitler. I reasoned that because she is a female, we couldn’t call her Hitler, so we started to call her Eva Braun. Eva had kittens some weeks ago, and has kept them hidden from us. But they’re old enough now to start to play and frisk about. I took my camera up to the barn the other day to get some pics of them. They’re very wild, and run away at our approach like little bunnies. So I sat down behind a haybale and waited. In about 15 minutes they appeared.

 They relaxed somewhat and began to look over the newcomer.

They began to play with Eva.

Eva, despite her unfriendly appearance, is a good mama.

She is very protective of her little ones, and kept growling at me just to let me know who’s boss in the barn.

The kittens wanted to have lunch, but Eva was reluctant to while I was there.

Finally though, she settled down.

A contented purring filled the barn. I left the family alone and went back to the house.


———->  Up Tomorrow: An update on our growing calves.



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