Soybeans Are Ready For Harvest

On May 6, the last of the soybeans were planted for this year. (Click here to see how the beans were planted.)

They came up about a week later, and grew and grew all through the summer months. Here they are as young plants.

Finally they set on bean pods, and the plants died back. Now that the plant’s moisture has gone down, and the beans are dried out, they are ready for harvest.

The leaves have dropped off leaving bean pods hanging from the stalks.

Here’s one of the pods.

Split the pod open, and here are the beans.

Harland, my hubby, had to switch the heads out on the combine. He took off the corn head as he finished the corn harvest last week, and put on the bean head. Different heads are required to harvest different crops. Here is a corn head,

and here is the head used for cutting the soybeans.

It’s the same head that was used earlier this summer to harvest the wheat.

Come back tomorrow, and I’ll show you the soybean harvest.

The beans will be waiting for ya’.


—–>Up Tomorrow: Come along into the field and join in the soybean harvest.


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