It’s Not Fall Anymore

So the calendar says it’s still Fall and that winter won’t start until next week, but I’m here to tell ya’ that here in northeast Kansas, it is NOT Fall anymore. When you have this growing on your windows,

 and your thermometer looks like this,

 you can stop dreading the arrival of Winter because it’s already here. So put away the shorts and flip flops. Get out your long-johns, thermal socks, and Elmer Fudd hat, and then look Winter straight in the eye, and repeat after me,

“Give me your snow drifts that wrap around the house, ice that turns roads into skating rinks, and wind that freezes snot in mid-drip from my nose. I can take it – bring it on!”

Then turn your electric blanket on, get into bed and pull the covers up over your head.


——->  UP NEXT: How to dress when it’s 5 degrees outside and you’re going out there to feed cattle.

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