A Little Anniversary


Three years ago tomorrow (March 16, 2010) I did my first post on this blog.  Wow, THREE YEARS!

I started this blog because I found myself writing long emails to friends and family with pictures attached of goings on around the farm or our travels. Then I realized that it would be easier to simply put all that stuff into a blog for everyone to see. Easy…  Well, not really.

Learning the world of starting a blog:  getting a domain, host server, platform, theme….it was mind numbing. For a week, I learned from different websites about starting a blog and how it’s done. Then I plunged in and got everything up and running in a couple days. It was scary but fun.

Then I learned how to take better pictures, how to work them in photoshop. When I started the blog, I used a camera with lower pixels, and then graduated to a better camera with higher pixels. I got interested in video and started shooting vids with a still image camera but when I wanted a better quality video, I bought a video camera. I learned how to edit videos with video editing software and how to upload videos onto youtube and my blog.  I’m well on my way to geekdom!

Recently I overcame another challenge. Not happy with the slow speeds and downtime my blog was experiencing over the last few months, I had my blog transferred to another server at a different company. It scared me a lot at first to do this. What if something went wrong, what if my blog crashed and burned, or got lost in cyberworld never to be seen again?????  Oh the angst!  But the transition, it took about a week, went relatively smoothly, and now my blog loads quicker than it ever has and has had no downtime. Yay!  So happy about that!


And today I made a change that I’ve wanted since I started this blog. I’ve never been happy with the typeface of my theme – so blocky and institutional and impersonal- but I couldn’t figure out how to change it.  Then today I pulled up the theme’s main screen and there it was right in front of me – the option to change the typeface. All I had to do was type in the name of the new typeface and click SAVE and VIOLA!  A new friendly cheerful typeface!  Yay!!!!


So there you go… Three years of learning, growing, changing…. of fun…of meeting new people!

You!  Thank you so much for your comments, for cheering me on, for celebrating with me in the good times, and condoling with me in the bad.

This blog is for you – Thank you for sticking with me for the last 3 years and I hope you’ll be with me for many years to come!


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