Homemade Soap Giveaway Winners

I was overwhelmed by the number of entries, but even more so by all of your kind words and thoughts on the 1st anniversary of my blog. Thank you all so much. I wish I could send all of you a bar of my homemade soap, but then Harland and I would have to walk the world unwashed, and that would offend Kitty, the Queen of Snowy White Clean.

And so the winners of the 6 bars of homemade soap are:

Marcia, Lee Ann L., Robin, Shannon, Kathy, and Gabi.

I’ve sent each of you an email, so please respond to claim your bar of soap, and I’ll mail it to you right away.

Thank you all again.  I’ve enjoyed this first giveaway, so I’ll have to do another soon.


——->  UP NEXT: Another newborn calf enters the big wide world.

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