A Calf’s First Day

This calf was born Saturday morning about 6:30. Later that afternoon, when he was about 9 hours old, I took these pictures.  Much of a calf’s first day is spent resting.

But he also learns some very important things. He learns how to stand up and lie down, how to nurse,

and how to run.

He learns the sound of his mama’s moo and to come when she calls.  His mama cleans him often to keep his scent down, a defense against predators.

The world is a very big place for a newborn calf.

And it can be a little daunting for someone so small.

But Mama is never far away.

She’ll watch over him as he continues to learn and grow. 

One day soon, there will be lots of playmates for him.

And for this very pregnant mother-to-be, that day can’t come soon enough.



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