Prairie Sunrise

We made our second trip of the summer to the Tallgrass Prairie recently. On our first trip we were there at sunset, and so this time we got there before sunrise hoping to photograph the bison again, but in morning light for a change.  We arrived before sunrise, loaded up our camera stuff, and started walking. When we had gone about a mile, we reached a hill overlooking an old stone schoolhouse. The Wild Bergamot was in full bloom,

there was a light breeze and so we stopped to watch the sunrise.

The Lower Fox Creek School was built in 1882. A one room school housing all grades, it sadly closed in 1930.

Wild Bergamot is a native wildflower belonging to the mint family. The Native Americans used the plant to treat a variety of illnesses, and also to perfume their hair and clothes. Tea can be brewed from the dried leaves too.

Once the sun was up we continued on our walk.

We saw many wildflowers including Narrow Leaf Verbena,

and Moth Mullein.

The prairie grasses swayed in the breeze,

and little clouds skittered across the sky.

Finally we caught sight of the bison herd in the distance.


—-> Thursday: We catch up with the bison herd, again. And then we lose them. And then we find them. (And were my dogs barking….ugh)


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