Harvesting Wheat

The wheat is ripe,

and ready for harvest.

A grain truck waits at the edge of the field, ready to carry away the bounty,

and here comes Harland in the combine.

Come along and watch the harvest:



The harvest took several days, but is all safely in now, and we can breathe a sigh of relief.


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18 comments to Harvesting Wheat

  • Tina

    How cool was that! I really enjoyed the ride along with Harland. I laughed right after you first got up and swung the camera all around just like we were looking at everything! I am sure sure it is old hat for you two but it is great fun for me as I sit in the big city with skyscrapers and I feel like I am in a field in Kansas!!Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  • I agree with Tina. Thanks for a really fun trip through the wheat harvest. Almost makes me forget I’m at work. Well, almost….

  • Debbie

    Yes, I enjoyed the ride too! I’ve lived in Kansas my whole life, but in the city, and never knew what the wheat harvest was like! Love the part where Harland says “Holy crap”!!!!! LOL!

  • Amber waves of grain…I Just love watching your videos. I think it’s so cool how well you and Harland get along and do things together.
    Wow, and that combine. What a dangerous looking machine. I’ve never seen one so close up. While in Missouri we saw lots of farmer in their fields. From a distance it looked so dusty but I guess it actually chaff. Right?
    Thanks so much for posting all that you do!

    • Suzanne

      Chaff and dust both. Before the days of closed cab farm equipment, farmers were breathing in all that, and dust pneumonia was not uncommon.
      Thanks Peggy!

  • That was really cool. I especially enjoyed the songbirds at the beginning.

    My husband asked, “what are you watching?”
    “Wheat harvesting?”
    “Why do you find that interesting?”
    “I’ve never seen it before.”


    It was interesting. I have some questions, too. Is that cab air conditioned? Does Harland listen to music, or audio books when he’s running the combine?

    Thanks a lot for putting this up.


    • Suzanne

      Yes, blissfully air-conditioned, God’s greatest invention. 🙂 And Harland usually listens to audio books in the combine and tractor both.
      Thank you Jules.

  • Doe of Mi.

    Thank you – Thank you, Suzanne. Thats the closest I’ve been to wheat harvest in 55 years, when I was always in the fields helping my Dad. We didn’t have the machinery you folks have – ours was much smaller. But, then so were our fields. Oh, I used to love working on the farm and being outdoors all day – it was so much better then cooking and housework. LOL.

  • Lynda M O

    Suzanne, what a lovely Saturday morning treat for me as I catch up with my subscriptions. My husband, a mechanic enjoys the sounds of the machinery; I love the birdsong. Farming on such a large scale remains a mystery to me and I suspect it always will at this point. That said, I love gardening and growing fruit trees: cherries, Gala apples, blueberries, strawberries this year so far.

    Many thanks for taking the time to film and share; your blog truly is a treat each and every time.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you Lynda, glad you enjoyed it.
      And , Oh, I’m so envious of all your fruit trees and berries. You must do a lot of canning and have your own fruit year-round.

  • Nance

    I love the color of wheat.

    I’m saving the ride in the combine for another day.

    I will look forward to that. Thanks!

    • Suzanne

      The wheat is so pretty at harvest time it’s almost a shame to harvest it.
      Thanks for stopping by, and You’re welcome Nance.

  • I always love to see your videos. I just love how Harland is totally cool with all of this. I too was wondering what keeps him entertained during the long hours in the combine..audio books would be a great way to pass the time! I think I would be listening to ABBA! haha You two seem like the nicest, wonderfulest, normalest people and I love it!

    • Suzanne

      Oh thank you Bonnie! I so enjoy your comments. Yes, Harland listens to audio books and sometimes the radio. It can get boring just driving around the field in circles all day. 🙂

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