Big 80s Hair

Ok, listen up. Everything old is new again, so I figure at some point big 80s hair will come back in style and when it does, I’ll be ready.  Will you?  If not, here’s how to get your own big 80s hairdo.

  1. Move to northeast Kansas, or anywhere else that has really hard water. Ours is so hard stalactites form on our faucets.
  2. Wash your hair regularly with said water.
  3. Use a shampoo that strips all the oils out of your hair, like Prell, because even though you’re in your 40s now, you still have oily hair.
  4. Skip using conditioner because you’re kinda claustrophobic and can’t wait to get out of the shower.
  5. Spend a hot, humid summer day outdoors.
  6. Turn your head upside down and fluff up your hair.

Are you ready?






Class dismissed.


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