Christmas Wreath

Every year I make my own wreath. I have a wreath I made out of wild grapevines about 20 years ago, and I decorate it with greenery and berries and whatnot each year. You can find grapevine wreaths in most craft stores. For greenery, you can use whatever grows in your area – pine, fir, etc. Cedar is the only evergreen we have, so I went for a walk, found a cedar tree with some nice green branches, and cut a few off.

Back home from my walk, I inserted the cedar in between the grapevines.

The rest of the decoration is up to you. You can use rose hips, dried berries from the woods, pinecones, dried seed pods, etc. I usually use wild rose hips, but I couldn’t find any this year so I had to use fake ones (rats!).

As a finishing touch I added an ornament off our tree, a little golden trumpet.

And there you go. It’s pretty, inexpensive, easy to make, and smells nice and cedar’y too.

Make your own wreath this year. It’ll give you a reason to get outside for a walk in search of the greenery, and an opportunity to just relax and enjoy the season.


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