A Visitor

Last week, I went out after dark to check on the heifers.  It was raining and cold. We check them often these days to see if any of them are thinking about having a calf.  They need special care when calving, but I’ll go into that in another post. 

When I got back to the house, I just happened to shine my flashlight along the side of the house where we keep the trashcans. I did a double take when I caught sight of something out of the ordinary.  I moved in for a closer look. Sure enough, we had a visitor. All he was looking for was a place to get out of the rain, and when you’re wanting to get dry, you can’t be choosy. This guy chose the trashcan, which was laying on it’s side at the time, and for him, seemed the perfect spot to rest for the night.

We see raccoons every once in a while, but usually not this close to the house. I didn’t mind him being there though. I gave him his space, and went back in. He was gone by the next morning.

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