Low Water Crossing… and a Nap

More catching up today on older images from back in September…..

Down in the Flint Hills area of Kansas the stream bottoms are gravel, and on roads where there isn’t much traffic, no bridges were ever built – people just drive on down into the stream through the water, and up the bank on the other side.

I LOVE doing this whenever we are down in that area. It seems dangerous (but it’s not really), and like we’re a covered wagon fording rivers on our way west to the promised land of Oregon.

Have I mentioned I have an overactive imagination?

The last couple years though have been disappointing due to the ongoing drought. Little or no water is running, so the low water crossings are dry, like this one at the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve.

This crossing is a little more high-tech in that they put in a culvert and poured some concrete over it.

Time for a little nap.


4 comments to Low Water Crossing… and a Nap

  • Carol

    I love the idea of a nap in such a peaceful place. You two are so lucky to share these experiences. I feel lucky to be the fly on the wall and see the world through your eyes. My day is always better after one of your posts. You are clearly soul mates, the world is a better place, because you two are in it!

  • Doe in Mi

    I totally agree with Carol. I love your country travels. You two must have a great time of discovering the beauty of nature.

  • What a hoot you guys have on your journeys about the Plains. Having never been there I enjoy seeing it thru y’all’s wonderful photographs and fun narratives. Many thanks.

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