Ice Storm

We had plans to visit with relatives and stay overnight on Thanksgiving, but the weather had other ideas. Ice was forecast for Thanksgiving night, and for the next several days as well. So fearing a power outage and all the problems that can cause on the farm, we cancelled our plans and stayed home.

Visions of broken power poles, destroyed fences, frozen livestock waterers, downed electric fences, and other delightful things ran through our heads Thanksgiving day as we braced for the event. I did all the laundry, and ran the dishwasher while I cooked our turkey dinner, while Harland made preparations at the farm. We have generators we use in case of power outages, but you should put as little electrical burden on them as possible.

All day we had rain which turned into freezing rain that night. I didn’t sleep well. I kept waking to see if the power was still on.

That morning everything was ice covered, but we still had power at the house. Harland peered out our ice covered bedroom window in the predawn light to see if the security lights were on at the farm a mile away, and they were. With a sigh of relief we went about our day.

We got more freezing rain off and on the next few days. Feeling a little housebound, I went out Sunday afternoon to clean up some downed tree limbs and take a few pics.

Ice (6)

Ice (7)

Planted about 6 years ago, the cedar trees in the windbreak north of our house were bowed down by the ice, but cedar trees are hearty so we weren’t worried about damage:

Ice (9)

Ice (4)

Ice (2)

Ice (3)

The cedar trees planted in a windbreak south of the house last spring, and only about a foot high, were bent over to the ground by the ice:

Ice (5)

The apple tree hadn’t lost it’s leaves yet which were encased in ice:

Ice (8)

Ice (10)

For all the damage ice can do, there is an element of beauty to it:

Ice (11)

Monday afternoon the freezing rain finally stopped. And we dodged a bullet – we never had a power outage. The ice melted over the next couple days. The cedars in the windbreaks all bounced back up and are fine.

We are very blessed and relieved that everything turned out ok.


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