Kitty and the Office Chairs

Here’s Kitty in Harland’s chair. He’s taking a shower, so she’s availed herself of his her chair.

Lately, Kitty has started a new game with us. In the past she has contented herself with simple games, like jumping out from behind furniture to scare us, or attacking our feet through the bedspread at night. But a few weeks ago, we began to notice that every time we got up out of our office chairs and turned our backs, even for a few seconds, we’d come back to find Kitty contently curled up in our chair.

At first we thought it was just a coincidence, but as she repeated the stunt over and over, we realized she was watching and waiting for us to vacate our seats so she could steal them. But that’s not the end of the game. This week, she’s ratcheted it up a notch. Our bedroom lies next door to the office, and the other night I was playing with her on the bed. Suddenly she stopped and perked up her ears. She was listening to Harland walking through the living room headed for the office. Just as he entered the office, she leapt from the bed, raced towards his chair, and jumped up into it right before he sat down.

 “HEY!!!” , Harland exclaimed, while I laughed.  The dirty little devil and planned ahead, lain in wait, and executed her plan with diablical timing.

What’s next? Short-sheeting the bed? Cat poo in a flaming bag on the doorstep?

I’m afraid to think what is going on in her little mind.


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