Kitty and the Office Chairs

Here’s Kitty in Harland’s chair. He’s taking a shower, so she’s availed herself of his her chair.

Lately, Kitty has started a new game with us. In the past she has contented herself with simple games, like jumping out from behind furniture to scare us, or attacking our feet through the bedspread at night. But a few weeks ago, we began to notice that every time we got up out of our office chairs and turned our backs, even for a few seconds, we’d come back to find Kitty contently curled up in our chair.

At first we thought it was just a coincidence, but as she repeated the stunt over and over, we realized she was watching and waiting for us to vacate our seats so she could steal them. But that’s not the end of the game. This week, she’s ratcheted it up a notch. Our bedroom lies next door to the office, and the other night I was playing with her on the bed. Suddenly she stopped and perked up her ears. She was listening to Harland walking through the living room headed for the office. Just as he entered the office, she leapt from the bed, raced towards his chair, and jumped up into it right before he sat down.

 “HEY!!!” , Harland exclaimed, while I laughed.  The dirty little devil and planned ahead, lain in wait, and executed her plan with diablical timing.

What’s next? Short-sheeting the bed? Cat poo in a flaming bag on the doorstep?

I’m afraid to think what is going on in her little mind.


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12 Responses

  1. Debbie says:

    LOL! She is quite a character!
    I always love your stories about Kitty!
    I have noticed as my cats get older, they come up with new and endearing, or naughty, habits. But, your Kitty is quite the schemer! I would love to have seen Harland’s face!

  2. Lynda M O says:

    How fun is that kitty cat ?~! CatCat, my long-haired calico, will be in my chair once in a while. She seems to think I am going to bed when I get up. Coming back, I usually just have to say, Mama’s back, and she will get down. You kitty has got to have a big frontal lobe, where forethought takes place. What an amazing animal. Good for lots of laughs.

  3. Karen says:

    I love your Kitty stories. When I was newly married we had a calico cat and her name was ‘Kitty’, too. She fetched, followed us on walks and even followed us into the car to ‘go visiting’ where she would play with our friend’s cats. I have to believe that all calico cats have superior intelligence! I have had many cats since, but none as intelligent as ‘Kitty’. Your ‘Kitty’ is further proof of my theory! xx

  4. Alica says:

    Love it! Kinda scary to thing that she’s that smart! 🙂

  5. Jo Anne says:

    She is a lovely cat, we once had the king of cats, named Kitty Boy! I relate well to the chair story, imagine it 6X worse! Yes, 6 cats!

  6. Ok, seriously, this cat is a genius! That is amazing that she heard Harland heading for the office and ran to get the chair first…especially when someone was giving her attention! That is just hilarious and so very smart! I’m sure when she hops up on the chair after you sat there it is so nice and warm and she’s like, oh ya, my human electric blankets have warmed my seat for me! Animals just amaze me! I just want to give that cat a hug!

  7. Tina says:

    Oh Momma I wouldn’t short sheet the bed (only because I tried it and can’t quite reach).
    My little siamese loves to jump in my chair after I leave it but only because he gets cold. When he wants the chair he will actually pace in front of you and stare! They are so smart!!

  8. Pepper says:

    I have a calico, “Gracie” is her name. She loves to play tag and is one of the smartest cats we’ve had. She watches for us at the window and meets us at the back door when we come home.

  9. Lana says:

    Your Kitty is such a beautiful cat, BUT, in that last picture, you can almost see that diabolical mind at work!!!

  10. Mandy says:

    Silly Kitty! =)

  11. Vivian says:

    What a beautiful little face!. Her feet are cold and she wants to warm them. Our cat does the same thing, and she also makes that same expression that Kitty does in the last picture. I read once that that is a cat’s expression of affection and contentment.

  12. Jan says:

    We have a Calico, “Bunny” (daughter named her that ’cause she jumped like a Bunny as a kitten; she has the same colors in a unique pattern, of course, as your calico. And she’s just as ornery, if not, almost as smart. She’ll race to the place she thinks we’re going to sit down and does the same thing Kitty does. Last March I adopted my sister’s orange male tabby after she died. I was only going to get him used to different people and another cat (his younger beautiful sis got adopted by someone else, our Bunny)and then put him up for adoption. Needless to say, I got attached since, though he didn’t like anyone when we went to my sis’s house, he transferred quite easily to me, since he probably remembered me at my sis’s house.

    I believe Sam E. would make friends with Bunny, but she’ll not have it! So they live in separate parts of our small house, and have a schedule of being in the main part of the house alone with us. Bunny has lowered her battle cry to hissing and growling, from “he’s going to kill me,” screeches. So maybe there’s hope yet.

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