Falling Water Falls

For those of you who are regular visitors here, you know that Harland and I like to hit the road when we can to getaway and see new places. Last Thursday, we tooled on over to central Missouri to visit my family and the next day we went down to northwest Arkansas to see if we could capture some fall foliage and maybe a waterfall. Sadly, we missed the peak of the fall color, but we did find a beautiful waterfall. Down a twisty turning Ozarks road, we found Falling Water Falls, a gem right alongside the road.

We noticed there were boards nailed to a tree over the falls and ropes hanging from the branches, evidence that this is a well-visited waterhole the summer.

It was chilly that evening, so it was just us and the waterfall.

 I took my last picture as dusk was settling in.

What a perfect way to spend a fall evening.

How are you enjoying these dwindling fall days?


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