The sunflower fields started blooming last week. Our neighbors planted them in June, and now they are head high.

As the plants grow, they turn themselves towards the sun in morning, and then follow it throughout the day, facing west at sunset. But now that they are blooming, they no longer follow the sun, but face permanently east.

Harland and I took pictures of them yesterday morning shortly after sunrise.

Here in northeast Kansas, we are right in the middle of the monarch butterfly migration path.

They rest each night on trees and shrubs, and every morning, they bask in the sun to dry their wings, and then head out to continue their journey south to Mexico. Sunflower fields are a good stop for breakfast.

There was a heavy dew yesterday morning.

It brushed off the petals onto our clothing,

which were wet by the end of the morning.

We love this time of year. While the sunflowers will only bloom for a couple weeks, we so look forward to the bright fields of large flowers, and best of all taking lots of pictures.

Hope these brighten your day. Later in the week, I’ll have pictures of the sunflowers at sunset.


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