More Sunflowers

So I took all these pictures of sunflowers and I just have to share them with you.

Hope you aren’t tired of seeing yet another post about them, but tis the season of the sunflower here and they scream out to be photographed.

They reach out and grab the truck as I drive down the road.

Did you know that each flower is not really one flower at all, but hundreds of flowers called a composite head? The outer flowers are the petals, and the inner flowers, once fertilized, will become hundreds of seeds.

The sunflower was first domesticated in Mexico in about 2600BC.

Sunflower oil, which comes from the seeds, is used for cooking oil, and for producing margarine and bio-diesel.

After the oil has been taken from the seeds, the remaining seed “cake” is used for livestock feed.

But of special importance to us here in Kansas, it is our state flower.


——>  Up Next: How to make Homemade Plum Jelly, and then can it so it will keep for years to come. Yum!


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