Growing Calves

We went to the pasture over the weekend to check on the cattle. We saw most of the herd on a distant hill, but none close by.  We got out of the truck, and while I was fiddling with my camera, Harland announced in his mock ominous tone, “We’re not alone”.

A lone cow peered at us over the rim of a nearby hill.

Soon, she was joined by her companions: another cow and three calves.

I hadn’t seen the calves in a while, and was impressed with how much they’ve grown.

Cow with Calf - Early September

Most of our calves were born in March, and back then, they were relatively small, weighing from 70 to 80 pounds.

Newborn Calf- March 14

Newborn Calf - March 14

By late June, they had more than doubled in size, and weighed about 200 pounds.

Calves - Late June

Summer has been good for the calves. Between the good pasture grass and their mama’s milk, they now weigh about 500 pounds.

Calf - Early September

Calf and Cow- Early September

Two Calves and Cow- Early September

The cattle will stay out on the summer pasture until round up in early November. Until then, the calves will continue to eat grass, milk from their mamas, and grow even more.

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