Abandoned Stone House

Somewhere in western Kansas, on the way home from our Thanksgiving trip to Colorado, I noticed this house on a distant hill. I asked Harland to stop the truck so I could take a pic (or two).ย  It was an old abandoned house built probably in the late 1800s from hand hewn limestone blocks.

The windmill was conveniently located next to the house, which must have been good for hauling water before the days of indoor plumbing. A lot of houses and barns and even fences in western Kansas were built with limestone due to a shortage of trees and lumber. Limestone was easily found just a few feet under the soil. It was cut into blocks and then hauled to building sites. Many of these structures, now over 100 years old, still stand today.

And for me, this particular house makes a great subject for a little fun with Photoshop.ย  The first one is straight out of the camera, and the next two areย post-Photoshop.




Which is your favorite? First, second, or third?

———> UP NEXT: Comfort-loving Kitty has found the warmest spot in the house.

———> LATER THIS WEEK: Pine cones, snow geese, and white tail deer.

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