Kitty Playing

We took a week’s vacation, and left Kitty pretty much on full feed. She’s looking a little rotund, so she needs some exercise.



She’s not much into it. More exercise is required.

Kitty:  You first, Female Human. I notice you packed on a few pounds eating all that fresh seafood on your vacation in Maine.

Me:  (Whoops….. busted.)   Ok, Kitty, you got me.

Last week, Harland and I drove to Maine. Took us three days to get there, and next time we’ll definitely fly. When I can sort through the 10 squillion pics I took, I’ll share some with you. I can’t wait!  Lighthouses, lobster boats, seagulls, and best of all-  the ocean waves crashing against the rocky Maine coast.  It’ll be Window on the Prairie Ocean for a few days.

Stay tuned.


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