Maine – Day 1

Last week Harland and I took a vacation to Maine. We left on Saturday morning, drove all day that day, Sunday and Monday arriving at Machias, Maine that night, only a few miles from the ocean. We stayed in a tiny cottage out in the country we had rented for a couple days. After we unloaded all our luggage, we stepped out the back door and looked up at the Milky Way. Then we looked at each other and exclaimed, “WE’RE IN MAINE!”, and hugged each other.  I had been in Maine about 20 years ago, but Harland had never visited, so we had been looking forward to this for a long time.

Next morning, we were out early for a drive along the coast. We stopped near a cliff overlooking the ocean. Wild blueberries were everywhere and we stopped to eat a few.

They were perfectly ripe and sweet.

We continued our drive north up the coast stopping at the small fishing village of Lubec.

Settled in 1785, it was once a large herring processing and packing center. Today there are lobster and scallop fisherman, and the area has a growing tourism trade. We viewed the boats anchored in the harbor, the tiny lighthouse in the center of the harbor, and walked up and down its main street with quaint shops.

In the afternoon we visited the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, built in 1858.

The sky was growing cloudy, but the sun managed to break through at sunset illuminating the lighthouse and light keeper’s house.

Afterward, we headed back to Lubec to visit the harbor one last time as twilight descended.

We drove back to our little cottage for the night and slept like logs.

The next day, we drove south to Schoodic Point where we saw ocean waves crashing against the rocks, tidepools full of sea life, and seagulls basking in the sun. We hiked up to Schoodic Head through a piney woods, and then headed back to the rocky coast for sunset. Stay tuned for Maine – Day 2.


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