Kitty Cleans Up

Saturday I was taking pictures of pumpkin puree on top of my washing machine (don’t ask, you’ll see later in the week) when I turned around and beheld this:

Kitty had positioned herself perfectly in a patch of sunlight (a warm spot, of course) with angelic light surrounding her.

*cough cough*

Ok, so she’s not so angelic, but she looked it for a few minutes anyway. You know how you see something every day, but don’t really see it?  I downloaded these into my computer and noticed how soft her fur looks in the sun.

And how long her tongue is…

It’s like she’s got a roll of toliet paper in there and she’s unrolled it out. 

Harland:  It’s toliet paper to her. You know how after she comes out of the litter box and the first thing she does is lick her b-

MeNevermind!  This is a family website.  ……Anyway, I’m not sure how this cleaning technique gets the job done:

I watched her lick her arm and rub it all over her face and ears for about 5 minutes,

and then I touched her, thinking she would be damp, but she was dry. No spit. So how does this work?  Clearly it does, otherwise she’d be walking around with a clean body and dirty head. 

Kitty:  I know, but I’m not telling.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ W ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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